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Create Fashion Lines With LOOKNFT

Why LOOKNFTs Are Becoming The New Way To Launch Fashion Lines

LookRev and LOOKNFT create rewarding experiences for fashion shoppers and great profits for fashion designers.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are some of the hottest things in the creative world at the moment. People spent more than $300 million in the first two months of 2021 alone on NFTs, with many people and influencers getting in on the action.

LOOKNFTs present a great opportunity in the fashion world, giving fashion designers, stylists and influencers a new way to generate revenue, interact with shoppers and create new styles. To fully understand the potential here, we need to first understand what NFTs are.

What are NFTs?

An NFT is something that has undeniable proof of ownership. The token attached to the LOOKNFT — whether the NFT is a new fashion line or a limited edition collectible — acts as a certificate of authenticity that can be validated at any time.

NFTs are very new, and eventually, the technology and concept for it will flow into many different industries. Most people are just beginning to get involved and realize the potential NFTs bring to the table.

Fashion designers, stylists and influencers can use LOOKNFTs as a way for shoppers to unlock special fashion catalogs, products, limited-edition collectibles, or even to gain access to special livestream virtual styling sessions. There is no limit to what can be done in terms of creativity.

What is LookRev

The LookRev design and marketing tool helps consumers co-design products and find the right product-market-fit. It assists the development of high-quality creative products.

Consumers use the virtual outfit apps and catalogs, select the products they like, virtually outfit them with their selfies, further custom-design the product options as they see fit and purchase the custom product they truly like.

LOOKNFTs present an opportunity for stronger designer-shopper relationships

LOOKNFTs allow shoppers to own something directly from their favorite fashion brands, whether it’s a fashion product that shows undeniable proof of their purchase or a special limited-edition fashion collectible. When it’s coming directly from the designer — and not a distribution platform — it has a deeper meaning. This creates a much stronger fashion designer-to-shopper relationship.

Direct designer-shopper connection creates a more rewarding experience for the shoppers and a more financially rewarding situation for the fashion designers, stylists and influencers. It’s truly a win-win opportunity for both sides, which is the main reason we will see LOOKNFTs become the must-have way to launch new fashion product lines.

The LookRev Marketplace

In the LookRev P2P marketplace, a creative line may have hundreds of contributors, including designers, product makers, distributors and marketers, each contributing in their own way to the creation, production and sale of creative products, and each sharing the profits from the sales.

Because the tokenized ownership is secured by the blockchain network and the profit sharing is conducted using smart contracts, no one has to worry about being left out of the profit distribution. This builds a trustworthy foundation for collaboration.

The key ingredient is that LOOKNFT holders are the authentic owners of that product branch, whether it’s a new fashion line, digital fashion catalog, virtual styling club membership, limited edition collectible or a special perk that can be claimed only through a LOOKNFT.

All NFT transactions occur and are stored on the blockchain, which is a tamper-proof ledger and will someday change the way fashion designers release fashion lines.

LOOKNFTs can be purchased and sold directly. Royalties are integrated into the NFTs’ contracts, providing a tamper-proof way for fashion designers, stylists and influencers to earn residual income from the NFT branch.

Blockchain Levels the Playing Field

Blockchain technology is the biggest advantage when it comes to NFTs in the fashion industry, as it completely levels the playing field, allowing fashion designers and influencers to compete with large brands, circumventing them to interact with their customer bases directly.

This means that all revenue and resale royalties go directly to the fashion designers, stylists, influencers and contributors, making their fashion brands and offers even more financially lucrative.

Then, when you add in the ability to create new ways for shoppers to support and interact with the fashion brands, it really makes a strong case for LOOKNFT and the blockchain technology. Any fashion brands interested in having more control over their distribution, royalties and offers should consider using LOOKNFT immediately.

Even post-career earnings can live forever on the blockchain, making fashion brands and LOOKNFT holdings priceless, generation after generation.

Create your first virtual outfit catalog using Fashion LookRev app today, and take ownership of your future.