Talent Hunt

Updated by LookRev Team Oct 19, 2017
Talent Hunt

Welcome! We are running a talent hunt for great ideas to improve our software, contracts, documents and services.

All rewards are paid in LOOK tokens.

$100: For major specification issues found in our documents and websites.

$1,000: For contribution of major ideas on how to improve our platform and services.

$1,000: For software bugs and glitches that need to be fixed.

$1,000: For introducing key partners helping us build a win-win solution.

$5,000: For idea(s) and bugs that lead to a major improvement of our platform.

Most of the rules on apply. First come, first serve.

Please email us contact [at] with detailed description of the idea or bug. We will review it and let you know whether you qualify for the rewards.

Compare Crypto-Currency Market Today and One Year Ago

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What a big difference!! Comparing today’s Crypto-Currency market cap to the market cap one years ago.

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Here is the landscape of crytocurrency today.

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Eric August 1st, 2017

Keep up the good work!