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An Open Network For Creative Products

Own Your Design Idea

Using LookRev, you can create immutable and timestamped digital signatures for your creative works, watermarked onto the product images and register your creative assets to the LookRev network. Because the network is decentralized and secured by the blockchain, the data remains safe, verifiable and immutable.

Established Products

LookRev is visual product design, virtual outfit and shopping network built on modern technologies. It already has more than a dozen launched applications, paying customers and millions of shopper usages. The network primarily concentrates on creating a winning business solution for creative product makers, designers, distributors and customers.

Interactive Tool

LookRev uses interactive visual outfit tool, clarifying the communication between product creators, designers and consumers. Helping makers customize products based on consumers’ feedback, finding product-market-fit.

Smart Contract Registration

LookRev uses cryptography to give product creators, designers and contributors the toolset to automate the registration process of creativity assets without relying on third party. Choose from a preexisting smart contract template or create your own terms, automate the registration, distribution and payment process for creative assets.

Automated Payment Distribution

Secured by the blockchain, the origin and attribution of a product remains safe, verifiable and immutable, encrypted and watermarked onto the product images. Upon receiving payment of a product, all parties contribute to the making, distribution and selling of the product are instantly paid at the same time, according to the terms of the smart contract.

Visual Design and Marketing Tool

LookRev design and marketing tool helps you enhance your products based on consumer feedback, finding product-market-fit. It helps you design unique creative products, receive custom orders, making high quality products. We help you build a successful creative business.

LookRev virtual outfit apps let customers outfitting your creative products using digital outfit catalogs. Customers can virtually try on your products on their smart phones, iPads, tablets and web browsers, using their photos and your digital outfit catalog.

This helps customers visualize how they look like wearing your creative necklace and party dress; or how your painting looks like on their living room wall. It helps them make informed purchase decision, custom order creative products from you.

LookRev offers easy plug-ins. You can easily add virtual outfit buttons for your products on your website. It is your branded virtual outfit landing page for customers to try on your products, and only your products. Your outfit page is an extension of your website, helping you receive customer leads 24x7. LookRev outfit page is customizable and configurable toward your business needs. We offer a series of templates for various types of creative products and services.

Custom Marketing

LookRev creative marketing campaigns spread the word about unique creative products among shoppers. You may reach millions of shoppers who like to outfit and buy creative products through our marketing campaigns. We lead customers to your outfit page, so that you can keep the customer leads and build your customer base.

LookRev instant split payment QR code is a software enabled blockchain based payment system. The payment receivers' addresses and their payment percentages are coded in the QR code, watermarked onto the product images. When a customer buys the product using the payment QR code, all parties involved will instantly get their shares of the payment in their receiving wallets at the same time. This ensures that the creators of the products and the people who help them make the sales are rewarded at the same time.

Make Money Using Instant Split Payment QR Code

A Platform for Collaborating on Creativity

LookRev will change the way creative products are made and sold forever.


LookRev’s data is secured by the most powerful computing network in the world, the blockchain network. Cryptographic signatures guarantee the integrity of data, the records on the blockchain are immutable.


Want to use LookRev but not share your content publicly? Want to create your own smart contract terms? Want to create toolset plug-ins for your website? You can do all of that using LookRev.


LookRev uses distributed blockchain technology to execute smart contracts. It registers ownership of creative assets, contributions and payment information. It encodes the information using smart contract, encrypt it and burn the generated QR code as watermarks onto the product images. By automate the process, LookRev solves the most detrimental problems in the industry, reducing risk and enabling a smooth selling process.

Open Network

LookRev provides an open network in a space traditionally impassable, builds a gateway for product creators, designers, distributors and consumers. Discover new creative products, collaborate on creating new products or verify attribution of a product through a truly transparent blockchain system.

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Our goal is to help you build a successful creative business. There is a famous quote: "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."
We make fishing poles for creative product makers, we provide custom marketing solutions for your unique creative products. Let’s build successful creative businesses together.



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