Virtual Fashion

Express Visual Stories of Fashion Using Virtual Outfit Catalogs


Referral Program

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Virtual Stylist

Virtual Styling Service

Host a virtual styling session, become a
Virtual Stylist

Custom Fashion

Personalized Styles

Design your personal look
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Marketing Campaign

Marketing Campaign

Showcase products to shoppers via
Marketing Campaign

Virtual Fashion Show

Virtual Fashion Show

Online virtual fashion showcase events loved by shoppers.

Custom Jewelry

Custom Jewelry

Designer jewelry customized to your personal taste.

Style Explorer

Style Explorer

An ultra-simple and fun way to discover new styles.

Artistic Products

Artistic Products

Discover artistic products created by real artists and designers.

What is and Why LookRev


We tell visual stories of artistic products.

We create virtual outfit catalogs and run marketing campaigns for designers and brands.
Create your virtual outfit catalogs and start your marketing campaigns with us today.


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Magic Wall
An eco-friendly wallcovering featuring a light texture and matte finish, transfering your space into your favorite spot.

Table Mood Board
Turn your coffee table into your mood board. Design your custom table cover, bringing a good vibe into your room.


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