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LookRev ICO

LookRev has launched an open Ether (ETH) capped token sale to raise funds for LookRev to enable us to further build the platform and community. The sale has started, and will last four weeks from 09/08/2017 to 10/08/2017.

With six years development, LookRev has more than a dozen Android, Apple and web apps launched in the market, has more than 400,000+ organic downloads, 3 million+ usages, bringing many benefits to consumers and product makers.

LOK tokens will bring many solid utilities to the ecosystem, earn and spend cryptocurrency on creative products.

You can directly purchase LOK tokens using LookRev smart contract, or bitcoin.

LookRev Token Sale

Start Date: September 8th, 2017, 15:00PM UTC (8:00AM PDT)
End Date: October 8th, 2017, 15:00PM UTC (8:00AM PDT) or Earlier
Token Price: 2,400 LOK Tokens per Ether
Minimum Token Sale Target: 10,000,000 LOK Tokens
More Than a Dozen Android, Apple and Web Apps in Market
400,000+ organic downloads, 3 million+ app usages

Purchase LOK Token using Smart Contract

1 ETH = 2,400 LOK Tokens

Smart Contract Address

Token Purchase Guide in PDF

ICO Token Purchase Video Guide

⚜ View Token Sale Purchase Guide on YouTube ⚜

Purchase LOK Token using Bitcoin

1 BTC = 33,220 LOK Tokens

Bitcoin Wallet Address

LookRev Solution

We enable ordinary people to build distribution chain for their creative products.

Smart Solution

Smart contract based proof-of-work product distribution chain.

Build for Everyone

Enable ordinary people to build distribution chain for their creative products.

Consumer Interaction

Offering product customization based on real-time market feedback.

Community Support

Creating a trust-worthy, mutually beneficial chain of services

Meet The People

We are hiring. Contact us if you would like to join our team.

Grace Tang

Rain Maker

Seasoned entrepreneur with more than 15 years experience building world-class software applications. Have deep knowledge in both technology and business fields, expert on technology, business strategy, design, software and business solution development.

Chris King

Legal Expert

Chris King has over 10 years of experience in domestic and international IP prosecution, portfolio management and counseling, and IP due diligence.

Lior Zysman

Crowdfunding Expert

Lior is a corporate lawyer advising startups and investors on crowdfunding and digital currencies, and working on decentralized autonomous non profits.

Bok Khoo

Blockchain Expert

Ethereum Dev BEC, AIAA, Director and Consultant is an Actuary and quantitative software developer with over 28 years of industry experience.

Roger Rapporport

Emerging Tech Expert

Expert on Emerging Growth and Technology. Mergers & Acquisitions and Strategic Joint Ventures. Corporate and Securities. Digital Media.

Joseph Chow

Smart Contract Expert

Joseph works on smart contract security auditing and helps write tips, best practices, and technical and general education about Ethereum for the community. He built BTC Relay, a bridge between the Bitcoin blockchain and Ethereum smart contracts.

LookRev Solution

Peer-to-Peer Marketplace

LookRev uses block chain technology to create a revolutionary peer-to-peer marketplace for creative product makers.

Smart Contract

Using smart contract as the infrastructure, it enable ordinary people to form distribution channels for their own custom products, and earn money.

Win-win Solution

It creats a trust-worthy, mutually beneficial chain of services for product creation, customization and distribution.

Real-time Market Feedback

By offering product customization based on real-time market feedback, it accelerates the process of finding product-market-fit for products.

Sustainable Business

Build the framework for sustainable chains of businesses for custom products creators, distributors, retailers, and affiliates community.

Attract Customers

Helping retailers diversifying their inventory, attracting new customers to their store, building successful businesses.

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